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The dangerous feline lower urinary tract disease

Feline lower urinary tract disease - heavy diagnosis, scary owners of all without exception of house cats. Sometimes it sounds like a death sentence. In fact, this is a very dangerous disease, often leading to the death of a pet. But do not despair, the recovery is quite real at the time of medical care.

What is it

Feline lower urinary tract disease - a chronic disease, which manifests itself in the formation of salt deposits and minerals in the kidneys, urinary system of the animal.

The fact that the formed stones move along the ureters together with current incontinence, which further leads to the clogging of ducts. Excessive accumulation of fluid in the bladder causes severe poisoning of the body. In this case, if the animal does not provide timely qualified medical aid is very likely it will die.
The resulting stones vary in which substances are included in their composition. In most cases, the cats are composed of stones fostfata, ammonium, magnesium. Before proceeding to the treatment of disease the vet must classify deposits.

Causes of

According to statistics, the cats suffer from this disease more often than females. Thus animals subjected to the sterilization procedure also often ill, as unsterilized. The same statistics also found in respect of castrated animals. Solely on what affects castration during the flow of the disease - it is underdeveloped due to the urethra early procedure. With this particular disease is more severe because of the narrow lumen of the urethra, which is easier to block deposits.

Feline lower urinary tract disease
Doctors have identified factors that trigger the appearance of the disease:
• An unsuitable diet with excess minerals. Frequent consumption of fish, fat, bad cheap food.
• In mixed feeding (natural products and ready-made food), the probability of occurrence of kidney stones is much higher.
• The animal uses little water, or the liquid of poor quality.
• Heredity.
• Sedentary lifestyle leads to obesity.
• Malfunctions of the urinary system.
• Infection
• Violation of the stomach and intestines.


First symptoms manifest not too obviously. Cat reduces the activity of behavior feels discomfort when visiting the tray, loses interest in food. In such a case, the disease can only be diagnosed by laboratory investigation of urine samples. The disease develops, the stones are more and more, they block the ureter and then the symptoms manifested in full:
• Always tense abdomen.
• Persistence to the host animal is trying to attract attention.
• The animal experiences severe pain when visiting the tray.
• The frequency of the toilet increases dramatically.
• Often the cats go to the toilet in the wrong place, even if up to this point for him such behavior was not found.
• The urine particles appear blood.


Cure this dangerous disease can only be addressed to a specialized veterinary clinic. In no case do not let the animal diuretics, it will give your pet a lot of pain.

Remember that after rocks blocked the ureters every minute counts. A doctor may remove deposits in several ways: via catheter or by surgery. In order to relieve spasms and seizure should be used no-silos or similar drugs. In the event that the animal condition is very heavy, that it can be assigned to a dropper with nutritional support and medication, painkillers, anti-inflammatory.

How to live with this disease pet

Feline lower urinary tract disease - the disease has a chronic course. It requires attention from the owners. In order to help the animal must be:
• Seek competent specialists able to observe the development of the disease.
• Use special feed for animals suffering from this disease.
• Giving the cat only the liquid that has passed pre-filtering.
• More often play with the cat in outdoor games.
• Periodically take urine samples to the laboratory for analysis and do ultrasound ureter.
• In case of repeated symptoms should immediately go to the clinic.

If you comply with these conditions, it will be able to overcome the disease and to provide him with many years of happy life. Watch your favorite, most importantly at the time to react to signs of disease.

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