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The more dangerous the cat flea

Fleas in cats - a blood-sucking parasites jumping plaguing pets painful bites. These ubiquitous, rapidly proliferating insects are able to go without food for several months.

The more dangerous fleas

Besides that flea bites cause banal anxiety, they have other unpleasant consequences. Which include allergic reactions, bacterial and fungal diseases of the skin, irritation, otitis, inflammations in mucous membranes.

Especially dangerous these parasites for young kittens. If fleas are many, they can cause anemia in the baby. Kittens lose their strength, they refuse food, they observed decrease in body temperature. If medical care was not provided in a timely manner, the animal may die.

In a word, did not pay attention to your pet's infection with these parasites at least irresponsible in relation to the animal. The appearance of fleas in cats is not too pleasant. It has a flat body of dark color and long, allowing far jump limb. However, immediately detect these parasites are not so simple. Fleas are very sensitive and shy at the same time. If they feel threatened, then immediately buried in a thick coat, or even jumps out of its carrier. In fact flea easiest to detect at the waste products of the eggs and deferred. Most of these findings can be done in the area of ??the neck, the back, behind the ears at the very skin of the animal.

Fleas in Cats

How to Get Rid of Fleas

Fleas in cats have the following features. They are not constantly on the victim's body. Insects live in the cracks of sex in old furniture, for baseboards. Flea eggs can be anywhere. After two weeks of them hatch into small larvae that pupate and soon transformed into an adult animal. So that the fight against fleas includes mandatory treatment rooms with special facilities. If you neglect this step, then getting rid of the fleas will be hardly possible.
First be thoroughly vacuum the floor, paying attention to different slots, grooves and other secluded places. If the cat is sleeping on a rug or mat, then it should be boiled and a good first treatment for fleas. You should also spray means the floors and walls to a height of not less than half a meter. Before choosing a poison necessarily read the instructions and make sure that it is safe for humans and animals.

Only after you have made the processing space can take your pet and kill fleas in his woolen cover.

If the parasite is very much useful to the special shampoo. This means gentle action, it does not poison insects, and only immobilizes them. So after bathing should comb out fleas from fur and set sail for sewers. Watch carefully that the cat does not lick the shampoo during washing and prevent the ingress of funds in the pet's eyes. After shampooing is necessary to process the animal drops or spray, in order to destroy the surviving parasites. You can also use a preventive collar deterrent bloodsuckers

Which means choose

When you choose a tool to combat fleas are repelled by age and health status of favorite. Do not skimp on the means. The fact is that cheap products contain in their composition of highly toxic substances, which not only kill fleas, but can cause very serious damage to the health of the animal. Some chemicals, under certain circumstances, may lead to pet deaths. Very carefully study the composition of the funds, and it is best to consult a competent expert who will advise you and help you make the right choice.

Fleas in Cats


Shampoo against fleas - it means sparing action is not designed for the destruction of a large number of insects. Such means may be made from natural or chemical active substances. Chemical shampoos can handle only healthy adult animals. By cons shampoos include the fact that completely rinse it with wool and not be able to pet can lick Part of the funds. Some of these tools can lead to irritation of the skin. Only shampoos based on natural substances should be used for small kittens.


Drops are the most popular means of fleas. Have a very simple way of drawing, it consists in the fact that the contents of the package should be poured on the animal's withers. Typically, these funds still quite effective, but intoxicating substance can accumulate in the body, leading to future health problems.


This tool is applied on the entire surface of the scalp. Use the spray only in a ventilated area, preferably outdoors. Minus means is that cats love to lick themselves and always a treat chemical. Also during the application can be accessed in the pet's eyes.


These funds are good that the term of its efficient use of more than a few months. However, it should be understood that the material is impregnated collars toxic substances that daily enter the body of the animal. If you keep in the house a few pets, the collar can not be used, as in the game the other cat can bite off part of the collar and the very poison.

How to get rid of fleas newborn kitten

The greatest danger of the cat fleas are for newborn babies. If as a result of the bite of the baby will catch any disease, it can lead to the death of a pet. The worst thing is that for such small kittens there are no safe drugs. So in this situation we will have to act very cautiously.
First, change the bedding on which sleeping kittens. Secondly, very carefully and diligently vacuum the room. This can be done several times with a small break in a couple of hours. Third, drip drop on the withers of fleas on the cat-mother. It is best to use the drops that are able to destroy the parasites not only treated the cat, but also in the neighborhood. In today's market there are special products, which do not penetrate into breast milk and is not harmful to the kitten.

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