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What to do if a kitten's eyes fester

Pets - very tender and vulnerable creation, especially when they are very young. It often happens that the furry family pet feels unwell or even sick. The eyes of a kitten, as well as other parts of the body are exposed to different pathologies. If you notice that the kitten's eyes fester, it is necessary to urgently intervene and become a part of. Eliminate the symptoms and causes of malaise can only be timely and properly cared for.


You need to know that the physiological discharge from the eyes of healthy animals are constant, it is normal. Transparent, gray or slightly reddish liquid is released from the cat's eyes - so-called tears.

The reasons for its occurrence abound: a foreign object, the trauma, sleep too long or improper food, the effect of various chemicals and even particular physiological structure faces a number of breeds. Sometimes only one washing to release ceased. In this case, there is no reason for concern. According to the present should take care if the baby is found in the eyes of a thick consistency, green or yellow pus. In this case it is necessary to provide the animal more serious help.

We kitten fester eyes

The reason for such a reaction body may be:

• Impact on the cornea of chemicals contained in household products.
• Allergic reaction.
• Eye injury as a result of injury or stroke.
• Bacteria, molds, various types of pathogenic fungi.

Attentive owner should pay attention to the following aspects of the behavior of pet:

• rubs eyes paws.
• refuses food.
• Avoid bright rooms.
• Body temperature increased.
• Eye blushed or fouled.

What to do if a kitten's eyes fester

If a kitten fester eyes, the first thing you should do - is to make an appointment with your veterinarian. The doctor will examine the patient, prescribe to pass some tests and after all the necessary procedures prescribe the necessary treatment.

However, in the home, you can rinse the kitten's eyes, in order to facilitate its being.

This manipulation is best to do together. In this case, one person should hold the pet, and the other directly to clean the eyes of pus. For this treatment remarkably suitable chamomile broth, a boric acid solution (half tablespoon of water and two teaspoons means) furatsilina solution (0.02%). Note that all solutions should be lukewarm. The procedure itself is conducted as follows. We need to take a medical TVG, dip it in medicine and squeeze on the patient eye. The procedure is carried out before complete removal of all emissions. In this case, the cotton should be changed after each dipping. In no case do not touch the surfaces with a dry cotton eye - it can cause even more irritation.
Once pus and other selection will apply fully removed under eyelids tetracycline ointment (1%). Remember that before applying the ointment the best warm in their own hands.

Tips vet

After you have completed all the necessary procedures and the doctor will determine the cause of the ailment, the specialist can prescribe your pet one of the following treatments:

• When strongly expressed swelling, then appointed hydrocortisone solution and novocaine for washing.
• If the whole thing in a trauma or foreign body, appointed by the drop levometsitin or Iris.
• If the infection is expressed in acute form, it can be assigned to injections of antibiotics.
• Also appointed Lakrimin and Medkinos for washing the patient's body.

With this knowledge we should not forget that any disease is easier to prevent than to treat. So that the right diet and nutrition, timely vaccination, deworming, and periodic general hygiene of the surrounding space will help keep your family pet clear eye.

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