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Drontal - medicine for cats

General characteristics

If you decide to have a cat at home, you need to understand that the pet should be periodically de-worming procedure.

After hooking internal parasites, your pet can seriously undermine their health. If you suspect that your cat has been infected should visit the veterinarian who will take the necessary tests and advise you in this situation. If confirmed the presence of parasites, it is necessary to undergo treatment for which you should use the appropriate medication to your pet. One such means is a drug-anthelmintic "Drontal".

This facility has an extensive range of effects and can be used for the treatment of already infected animals, and for the prevention of non-infected healthy pets.

"Drontal" for cats is available in tablet form. The tablets are made in a circular shape, are white acquiring slightly yellow hue at fault. They contain two main active ingredients: pyrantel embonate in the amount of two hundred thirty milligrams, praziquantel at a rate of twenty milligrams, and ancillary components. The active compounds are characterized by high absorbability in the intestine to promote rapid distribution of the components of the body's tissues to achieve a therapeutic effect. Action of active substances is aimed at the elimination of tape and round parasites afflicting the animal.


In accordance with the instruction "Drontal" for cats should be given to your pet once a day, during the morning meal. That a sufficient amount of the drug got into the body cats, it is recommended to hide the pill in the food or crush it, mix with minced meat or add to the cat's canned food.

Drontal for cats

If an animal for any reason, refuses to eat, it is necessary to force the tool to put in the base of the tongue, or to prepare an aqueous suspension and gently introduce the resulting solution into the pet's mouth using a syringe without a needle.

Dosed "Drontal" for cats based on the weight of your pet, in proportion - one tablet four kilos of weight. Remember that for medicinal purposes this facility should only be given by a vet appointment.

In prophylactic applications, the drug is taken once a quarter. It is also recommended to carry out de-worming procedure before the birth of kittens (not less than 10 days before delivery), the vaccine formulation and viscous. A distinctive feature of the drug is that before the course of treatment with the help of "Drontal" should not give your pet a laxative and to maintain a strict diet.

The drug can be given to cats of any breed, except animals with individual intolerance to substances in the preparation. As a course of treatment can not be carried out on pregnant cats, small kittens under the age of three weeks.

 Side effects

Side effects of the drug "Drontal" for cats include vomiting and diarrhea, which may arise in case of hypersensitivity to the components of the animal, which is part of the drug.

However, the manifestation of these effects is fixed extremely rare, and even if they occur, then hold for a short time and disappear on their own without any treatment and other interventions.

 The agent

Stored preparation smokers with normal humidity, and light, in compliance with the temperature in the range of five to twenty five degrees Celsius. You must not be exposed to direct sunlight medicine. Direct access of children and animals to the drug should be excluded.

shelf life, while respecting all rules of storage, is five years. In respect of this drug has a lot of positive reviews both veterinarians and cat owners. "Drontal" quickly and efficiently copes with its task. Save your pet from parasites without harming the health of the animal.

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