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Chronic renal failure in cats

Kidneys - a paired organ responsible for elimination of toxins and harmful substances from the body of a cat. If they do not work correctly, the animal health may be compromised as a result of poisoning Skopje waste. This is mainly due to the fact that the kidneys lose their ability to produce sufficient amounts of urine. As a result of disrupted metabolic balance, and this is an extremely negative impact on the whole well-being of the animal. But the greatest danger is the CRF in cats - chronic renal failure. The result of this disease is a pathological decrease in kidney size, whereby they are finally no longer fulfill their function.
Not diagnose the disease so easily, the fact is that cats have a high pain threshold, but a state of discomfort especially not affect their behavior. However, the sooner treatment is started, the greater the positive outcome.

disease causing

The causes of the disease may vary, as the forms of this disease, there are several, each one has its own specific treatment.
• prerenal form. It is characterized by rapid changes in intrarenal pressure. It can be caused by heat stroke, severe bleeding, poisoning, disorders of the heart or blood vessels.
• Renal form. It occurs due to destruction of the body of the animal poisons, toxins, an overdose of drugs and complicated by sepsis.
• postrenal form. It occurs when a significant deterioration of ureteral patency.
• HNP cats may develop, if not eliminate the effects of acute exposure to pathologies. It may also be caused by some diseases of the whole body and kidney in particular.

HNP cats

The chronic form

You should know that the kidneys are not only using urine removes toxins and harmful substances from the body, but also play an important role in the course of normal metabolism. Kidneys are the organs involved in the production of blood.
The chronic form of renal failure is characterized by long occurrence of pathological processes, resulting in an unhealthy state flows into the whole body. You may receive the anemia that disrupt the normal hormonal balance.

It was found that the CRF in cats is detected frequently, every third animal has reached the age of ten years, subject to him.


The main method of diagnosis of this disease is the laboratory studies of various biological samples (blood and urine) and instrumental investigations (ultrasound, x-ray). Usually chronic form provokes reduction in kidney size.
The correct prediction of the disease allows time to start the necessary treatment.

The chronic form is rarely amenable to a complete cure. However, consultation with a competent specialist, handpicked their diet and certain medications will greatly facilitate the condition of the animal.


The main treatment is the observance of special diet. From the diet should be possible to exclude products containing phosphorus and protein. In order to stimulate the metabolism performed by intramuscular injection of special drugs beneficial for the course of this process.
If the chronic form is a complication of any other illness, it is first necessary to eliminate it, and only then direct all efforts to improve the functioning of the kidneys.
Special care needs to be in poor permeability. The fact that such a condition can be caused by different factors (the accumulation of salts and minerals, tumors, blood clotting), some of which require urgent surgical intervention.


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