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Ivermek - medication for cats

Even when the cat is practically beyond the apartment, it is possible that it can pick up parasites. The food picked up from the ground, puddle of rainwater, the neighborhood cats and rodents can become your pet potential carriers of infection. Even the shoes standing in the hallway, is a major threat to cats. That is why the owners of cats should be aware of this facility as Ivermek. It is an excellent material from many types of parasites that can live in the body of an animal.

This drug has a wide range of applications. It prevents the development of nematodes in the larval stage and adult age, the emergence of lice, bloodsuckers, gadfly in the stomach, ticks. The composition Ivermeka cat enters Ivermectin, which leads to increased production of butyric acid in violation nerve impulses, causing paralysis of the parasites.

The composition also has a vitamin E which enhances the absorption of the drug into the blood stream and its distribution in the body tissues. Yet it has therapeutic properties and is not addictive.

 Ivermek medication for cats


Ivermek for cats are administered to the animal organism in a volume of 0.1 ml per 5 kg body weight. If the disease is in the form of neglect, the minimum of 10 days should be repeated injection. In any case can not exceed the dosage, since the removal of intoxication rather complicated process. Sometimes Ivermek can cause side effects. In severe portability animal components of the drug becomes more frequent defecation, urination, vomiting appears, the behavior becomes aggressive. Ivermek for cats is used strictly under medical supervision. It is undesirable to use this drug in the treatment of lactating and pregnant females. The most dangerous period for the application is considered to be the last third of the time before the birth. Weakened animals or animals with a history of disease, are the most susceptible to the drug.

Ivermek for cats is available in vials as a spray with a special dispenser. It should be used in open or ventilated areas. In order to avoid that the cat licking the drug, you should use the collar. Means is sprayed onto cleansed skin.

In the treatment of demodectic mange should be sprayed medication 2-4 times in 3-5 days. When the disease ear mange medicament is introduced into both ears, even when struck by only one of them. In addition to advanced stage disease Ivermeka apply any anti-inflammatory or antebakterialnye means.

Validity of the drug is 18 months from date of manufacture. Keep it should be a closed field from sunlight at a temperature of 4-20 degrees.

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