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What is the treatment of cystitis in cats

Cystitis in cats - it is unpleasant, prone to recurrence of the disease, which is quite difficult to cure. It brings a lot of problems as the animals themselves, experiencing persistent pain, and the owners of cats, which do not please many foul-smelling puddles all over the apartment. Also, do not add optimism procedure is complex and not always effective treatment, often ending euthanasia pet. What you need to take to protect your pet from this disease and how to properly assist the affected population?

Bladder - a body having an interior cavity capable of increase and decrease in size as needed. Inside it is covered with a thin layer of mucosa, a huge amount of permeated blood vessels. Cystitis as a disease is an inflammation of the bladder mucosa, and so that undergoes constant physiological load.


 The first symptoms of cystitis do not have any pronounced, specific character. The animal often goes to the toilet, drink more water and does not give to touch her stomach. Such symptoms are typical of many other diseases, and may also speak about the occurrence of oestrus or under stress.

cystitis in cats

Most owners pay attention to the painful condition of the animal only when it is simply impossible not to notice. Trips to the bathroom are almost hourly occurrence, and visiting the tray, animal moans pitifully, because experienced pain. However, even with a childhood toilet training animals inadvertently reserve a small puddle. In this case, the urine becomes dark and often it visible blood clots and clumps of pus. The liquid has a heavy, unpleasant odor. After visiting the cat tray hard to move on bent hind legs podvolakivaet them. During sleep or rest is clearly seen that the pet is experiencing severe pain in the abdominal area, very gently flipped from side to side. Sometimes, in severe cases, the poor beast can not go to the toilet, although it is very straining.

 forms of the disease

Cystitis in cats occurs in two forms: acute and chronic. In the second form of the disease the animal apparently looks quite healthy and only occasionally feels discomfort when urinating. Although this chronic form is less dangerous than acute, since the deterioration condition of the animal can occur at any time. In this ever-present illness it takes a lot of strength in the body, weakens the immune system, degrades the overall health of the animal.

It so happens that when a strong mucosal inflammation occurs vascular rupture and the particles fall into the urine blood. In this case, diagnose hemorrhagic cystitis flowing in acute and chronic forms. The acute form is very dangerous because it can cause anemia, blockage of ducts and severe intoxication. Often the cause of such a heavy flow of this disease is the presence of stones in the kidney or the bladder. With this diagnosis assistance should be provided without delay.

cystitis in cats

 The causes of disease

Inflammation of the bladder can be stopped by means of the "stop cystitis" specialized type drugs. However, remember that relieve symptoms not to cure the disease. Short-lived improvement in the animal's condition is likely to last for long, as the cause of the disease remain unaddressed.

There are several factors causing inflammation of the mucous membrane of the urinary bladder:

  1. improper diet and feeding regime;
  2. carry-forward of infection;
  3. chronic illness;
  4. poor water quality;
  5. low consumption of liquids;
  6. binge eating;
  7. stones in the kidneys;
  8. carry-forward of injury;
  9. a lot of stress, and so on. d.


 In order to choose the right treatment for the disease is necessary, first of all, to pass a series of tests (ultrasound, biochemical, clinical and bacteriological examination of urine and blood). These studies will help establish the true cause of the disease and as a result, choose the appropriate therapeutic measures.

cystitis in cats

In order to reduce animal suffering you must first remove the symptoms. Stop anesthetic, hemostatic, and antispasmodics: For these purposes, special preparations are used.

After the tests are ready doctor can determine the cause of the disease. Most often, the agent are different types of staphylococci. In this case, will have to resort to antibiotics. Since these drugs have a negative impact on the entire body as a whole, during the course of treatment it is advisable to take the tool eliminates the negative effects of receiving antibiotics. It may be different chelators, probiotics, immunostimulants and other. Remember that all medications that you give your pet should be made payable to you a specialist. Manifestation of initiative in this matter is unacceptable and can lead to tragic consequences. It is worth to test for sensitivity to avoid manifestations of severe side effects before consuming hard drugs.

Taking care properly for your pet, you will help him overcome the disease and spend many happy moments together.

 The conditions of cystitis

Since the treatment of cystitis business not fast should consult with a specialist about the conditions of detention and ill animal diet. In fact, this is very important, since unregistered detention conditions can put an end to the entire treatment procedure.

First and foremost ensure your cat warm. In this case, use a heating pad can not be in any case. They can provoke bleeding and bacteria to grow. In fact, it is necessary to monitor the lack of drafts and equip the pet warm and cozy place to relax. Cat can not sleep on the cold floor or windowsill. Also during the course of antibiotic treatment the animal can not be exported to the event and to prevent mating.

Secondly, adjust the pet diet, consulting with a specialist. The easiest way in this case to use special feed for the prevention of urinary tract infections.

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