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How to choose a cat Furminators

 Wool throughout the house - the problem is not hearsay known to any owner of our brethren. It gets absolutely everywhere, in clothing, carpets, upholstery, and even food. Sometimes, Is cleaned every day clothes before going to work, I want to shave your pet bald. But do not hurry, it still does not solve the problem. Fur will grow back and spread throughout the house. But do not despair, there is a solution! It is created by the American scientists a device called Furminators . 

Furminators for cats

 What is it

 Agree that the need to clean off all of me from your pet's coat discourage any desire to play and have fun in his company. So the inventors Furminators become likely, a great admirer of cats are familiar with moult throughout the year. While moulting, of course, does not last the whole year, this natural process of your pet takes place twice a year and falls on the end of winter and the summer. But since the cat is not able to lick all the hair fell out, it creates the impression that the molt never ends. So the appearance of the world Furminators pets made to solve this problem once and for all. Imagine that two or three of combing a couple of times a week will be able to remove up to ninety percent of the fallen hair! This is incredibly useful both owner and pet itself, freeing it from the need to lick their own fur. And will save him from the problems with the stomach and intestines, because the wool will not be able to score these bodies. In addition, the possibility of the appearance of tangles, spoil the coat of your pet will be kept to a minimum. Inherently Furminators - a device for the manual removal of dead hair and undercoat have pets. It is used mostly during moulting, wool is removed on the basis of the trimmer.       

So it's unpretentious at first glance, a device resembling a small hand rake can change the world of pet owners for the better by reducing moulting cats almost twice.  

Furminators for cats

      How it works

 The principle of operation Furminators that he does not cut dead undercoat and picks his teeth special design and raises, with guard hairs remain intact. In addition, fatty lubricant normally accumulate at the root hairs, as a result of this process is distributed over the entire length of guard hair, making the entire shorstku groomed and shiny. The distance between the special teeth ample to the thick The guard hairs to slip between them without any harm.  

     Selection of a suitable device

 When choosing a suitable device in the first place pay attention to the length of the hair of your pet. Furminators for cats with short  hair  perfectly remove dead  hairs  with a smooth coat, gently gather even  the hairs,  hold  the skin. Apparatus for cats with long hair is characterized by having elongate teeth which easily penetrate thick hair cover. The teeth do not get stuck, do not come loose wool and do not injure the skin and gently sliding grab dead hairs,  without touching the spine .    

Also pay attention to the width of the working surface. The more your pet is, the wider the device will suit you. If the cat is small, it will not allow a Furminators accurately process wool in areas of anatomical body bends.

To care for pets, whose wool is filled with light and thin undercoat usually very confused is perfect brush Furminators, convenient not only for combing down, but also for combing tangles.    

Furminators for cats

      Recommendations for use

 Before using Furminators necessarily need to inspect the skin pet. You need to make sure that there are no sores, wounds, abrasions. Wool itself should be without tangles. If something of the above is found, then the use of Furminators forbidden!

It is recommended to use the device on a clean coat. And the best part of the procedure to bathe your pet and dry it thoroughly. After that, comb it a simple comb and start using Furminators. Vychosyvayte slowly in the direction of hair growth. Especially pay attention to the areas under the tail, abdomen, foot. Do not forget that a strong depression can cause pain to your pet.    

Please note that the use of Furminators absolutely contraindicated breeds of cats do not have an undercoat. These species include: Chocolate York, Turetskiy Van, Turkish Angora, Tiffany Chantilly, Sphinx, Singapore, ragamuffin cat, Oriental, La Perm Korrat, Javanese, Govan Brown, Burmese, Devon Rex, Cornish Rex, Bombay, Shorthair Balinese.

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