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How to choose a hypoallergenic cat

Recently become popular hypoallergenic cat food. This is no accident. More and more owners began to pay attention to the allergy and food sensitivity of their pets. Embodying a care in life, they prefer to give the cat a special diet to avoid putting its unpleasant consequences of allergy.

Such food really help to improve the state-animal allergy. However, it is worth remembering that some of the companies producing these products just to earn money. So that the same dry "hypoallergenic" food for one animal really will be the salvation, and the other will have the opposite effect, because of an allergic reaction can manifest itself is finished to different substances which are, including in the feed. It is logical to assume that in the world there is a hypoallergenic food that would fit all cats at the same time. If you want to help your pet, you have to figure out what exactly the components can react your pet. Only with this knowledge, manage to pick up the food, which is suitable to your animal better than others.

Today the market offers a great variety of pet food. Some manufacturers may well fork, in order to produce the necessary research regarding the development of feed for animals with allergies or sensitive digestive systems. Properly selected balance between nutrients, minerals, vitamins and other elements capable of the least likely to cause a backlash of an animal organism. That's why when you have to choose hypoallergenic cats do not skimp on your pet's health, trust trusted manufacturers.

hypoallergenic cat food

Until now, scientists have not come to a definite opinion in determining the causes of allergies in pets. Some vets believe that the allergy does not appear suddenly, it matures over the years, fueled by negative environmental and aggressive environmental factors.

 quality food

As the proverb says: you - this is what you eat. With respect to animals, this truth also applies immutable. Poor nutrition leads to an overload of the body's immune system, as it has to deal with a large number of toxins and other harmful substances entering into it. For a long time the animal does not get the necessary nutrients and vitamins. Of course, it is not fatal in the short term, but over time it all builds up like a snowball, and in the end, leads to an allergic reaction. Also do not forget about the impact on the body of a variety of pet vaccines, chemicals, drugs, stress.

From the standpoint of an allergy the immune system is represented by an inflammatory process that occurs under the influence of certain substances contained in food. It so happens that the cat is not allergic in the truest sense of the word, but it all just feels the negative impact of certain substances.

 Varieties hypoallergenic cat food

In fact, the term "hypoallergenic" in relation to animal feed no more than a commercial move. You can not create food that is 100% will not cause allergies. All you do manufacturers - is included in the ingredients of the product, that statisticians rarely cause an allergic reaction and do not include all recognized allergenic foods: wheat, corn, soybeans, rice, and other food substances and chemicals.

hypoallergenic cat food

 How to deal with allergies in cats

Some animals to get rid of allergies is only necessary to eliminate from the diet is an element which causes an allergic reaction or similar ingredients. In this case, no need to use special feed.

In any case, in order to understand how to deal with the disease need to identify the allergen to which the body reacts. This can be done using a special laboratory test. However, this method is very expensive and, moreover, does not guarantee a 100% result.

Analyze what kind of food in recent years uses your pet, do not you give him something from your dining room table? Or it may choose to indulge in some unusual delicacy? Very often the solution is before our eyes. A better option would be to make an appointment for the veterinarian and elaborate various embodiments of power in view of the laboratory tests.

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