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What vitamins to give cats

Increasingly, doctors are veterinarians diagnosed in pets beriberi. Unfortunately, the lack of vitamins in the body pet can lead to undesirable consequences. Weakened immune system that falls wool, disturbances in the gastrointestinal tract, nervous disorders, brittle bones, breathing problems and cardiovascular system - these are just a partial list of health problems that can cause beriberi. However, modern medicine has developed a huge amount of vitamins for pets. In this case, the owners of cats need to know exactly which drugs are needed their pets at a particular stage of life.

Feeding and Vitamins

In case if your pet eats high-quality ready-made food, the addition of vitamins to his diet does not make sense and, moreover, may even be dangerous.

After all, high-quality animal feed vitamin filled at the time of their production, taking into consideration a particular purpose food. For example, special feed, recommended for convalescent feeding animals, already contain vitamins with taurine. Thus, when properly selected, and a feed ration cat gets vitamins in sufficient amounts together with food. In this case, enter the vitamin complexes in the menu is possible only on a vet appointment. If your pet is using high-quality feed, it is allowed to add vitamins to the diet of molting in the amount of 50% of the normal dosage.

Vitamins for cats

In case if your pet eats only organic foods, it is very desirable from time to time to give her special vitamins for cats. The quality of food is not critical, as scientists have found that in the current time, there is a clear tendency to reduce the content of vitamins and minerals in the products of natural origin. Over the past fifty years, their number has decreased almost by half. For the young and the elderly pets will come in handy vitamins, calcium, adult cats in the prime of life would be useful multi vitamin complex. Be sure to follow the dosage and duration of the use of vitamins. This information is always contained in the instructions or marked on the packaging. Typically, a prophylactic course of producing not more than twice a year with the duration of the course of one month.

Side effects

Remember that a high content of vitamins in the body of the animal is not less detrimental effect on his health than the lack of them.

Under no circumstances should not be allowed to give a cat vitamins as a treat on a regular basis. The consequences can be dire from an excess amount of calcium deposits in tissues, and ending internal diseases. For example, specialized vitamin complexes for cats passed sterilization procedure contain in its structure a large amount of vitamin A. It overabundance may result in increased liver and spleen, deterioration in the quality of wool, dandruff, general weakness, drop pet activity. Vitamins for cats, feed the offspring contain lactulose, with an excess of a cat may refuse further feeding kittens due to the emergence of severe pain in the abdomen and stomach disorders. Remember that everything is good in moderation!

Vitamins for cats

release Form

Vitamin complexes produced in tablet, capsule, powder and liquid form. Preparations in the droplets is much more convenient to use, so how to make every day a cat taking a pill is not as easy as it seems. Vitamins in liquid form for cats may be oil-based or water. Oil is more practical, since neither spread out over the entire surface of the bowl, and are localized in the place where they are added. Such vitamins may be added in liquid or administered orally using a syringe without a needle. Vitamins for stimulating growth cats usually come in the form of a powder that can be added to pet food consumed.

special vitamins

All vitamins are different in their composition and relationship of substances contained in them. This is due to the fact that cats at different ages and states requires a different set of certain substances and components.

Vitamin complexes, containing in its composition of biotin, suitable for pets of all ages, helping to restore power in the postpartum period or painful, nourish shorstku, leaving it silky and healthy, reduced blood vessels, heart and nervous system.

Vitamins for cats

Vitamins for cats in old age support battered body, helping it to cope with the functions of life support and renew the body's cells, improve metabolism.

Vitamins for cats during moulting have a beneficial effect on the growth of new, healthy shorstki, reduce the number of drop-down hair, nourish the skin. Often such complexes contain substances that help to clean the cat stomach from ingested accidentally wool.

Vitamin complexes, containing in its composition taurine, suitable pets of all ages. This compound improves the gastrointestinal tract, kidney, liver, strengthens blood vessels and heart.

Vitamins for animals that have passed the sterilization process, assist the body's favorite in the recovery period after surgery. Reduce stress levels, improve tissue regeneration, normalize hormones.

Vitamins for cats pregnant contain ingredients that help moms cope with the increased expenditure of energy and resources, minimize hair loss, prevent the development of eclampsia.

Vitamins for cats in lactation contribute to the production of milk, restore power, and improve the composition of the milk, which has a beneficial effect on the health of offspring.

Remember that your pets need the same vitamins that a person, but in other ratios. Use only high-quality specialty products and your pet will enjoy life and health for many years.

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