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cat ascites

Hydrocephalus in cats, or the medical classification - ascites, does not apply to independent pathologies. This symptom makes it clear that health pet was something wrong. In this case, the qualified medical aid should be provided as quickly as possible. It is not necessary in any case to engage in self, in this situation, the delay could lead to death. Important in the treatment of ascites not miss precious time.


The main symptom of which is determined by an edema in cats - it's tight and inflated belly. The fact that the abdomen swells under the influence of large amounts of fluid. If the pet with a sign on the lift arm, the water peretechot in the lower abdomen and the body becomes like a pear. In fact, this simple process can be used to differentiate ascites from other diseases with similar symptoms. In age, weak and sick animals diabetes dropsy progresses very quickly. The volume of accumulating fluid reaches the figure of two liters less than a couple of days.

In the early stages of the disease more difficult to detect the accumulated fluid, and the animal does not look sick, showing signs of anxiety is not.

However, the further, the worse. Rapidly accumulating fluid causes a painful condition favorite. There flatulence, vomiting, not eating the animal is in a depressed mood.
Sometimes there is fever, and acute pain in the abdomen. The animal does not care for themselves, little moves, mostly lying on his side and breathing heavily.

Hydrocephalus in cats


Mainly cause of hydrocephalus in cats is an acute complication of chronic diseases of any of the internal organs.

By disease risk applies: pancreatitis, liver disease, kidney and heart. Also, accumulation of fluid in the abdomen is caused by a serious injury.
Also, accumulation of fluid may occur due to obesity, increased amounts of sodium, metabolic disorders, etc.


Cat ascites cure is possible only after the identification of the main provoking disease. So, together with symptomatic therapy is necessary to conduct deep diagnostics to detect the cause of the pathology. Because they do not address the underlying cause of the disease is impossible to completely prevent the re-emergence of symptoms.
Before you go to the vet remember all the diseases that I have ever been ill with your pet, what medicines to take, if he had an allergic reaction to certain substances.
In addition to putting all the necessary biological assays it is desirable to study ultrasound, X-ray, CT and laparoscopy. Necessarily need to produce fluid intake, to determine its composition and purpose of effective treatment.
To reduce the volume of liquid animal must consume diuretics, also need to minimize the intake of fluids, to enrich the diet with foods high in protein and try to completely eliminate salt from the diet. In the event that the volume of fluid produced after all the manipulations are not reduced, then it is carried out the forced evacuation. To do this, make a puncture in the abdominal wall.

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