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feline mycoplasmosis

Mycoplasmosis in cats - a disease causing numerous problems with animal health. Inflammation of the respiratory system, dysfunction of the gastrointestinal tract, conjunctivitis and even the birth of dead offspring. This is a partial list of the complications caused by this difficult to diagnose the disease, from which there is no vaccination.

transmission path

Mycoplasma bacteria can be spread everywhere - in the grass, earth, water reservoirs, on household items, however, these cells are not particularly survivability and quickly perish under the influence of environmental factors.

So the vast majority of cases, the transmission of this disease is fixed at the time of direct contact healthy and sick animals through personal belongings through sexual contact.

Mycoplasmosis also transmitted from mother to kittens born in utero and at the time of delivery.

The largest group of cases involves little kittens, animals under the age of two years, pupils with weakened immune systems and patients with chronic diseases. Moreover, even a sudden strong stress situation can activate the media mycoplasma, for many years sleeping in the body of the animal.

Mycoplasmosis in cats


Tragically symptoms of the disease in domestic cats has no specific symptoms, and very often completely absent. If the animal is sick mycoplasmosis in the chronic form, the symptoms can say a slight runny nose or a small amount of eye discharge. The acute form of the disease causes the rhinitis and conjunctivitis. In this case, the animal often sneezes and coughs, conjunctivitis strongly reddens and swells, there are multiple pus, crusts stick together forever. If you do not resort to timely treatment, the expression of the described symptoms are worse, the disease affects the lungs and enters the bronchi, which may lead to even death of a pet from occurring inflammation (pneumonia).

If the disease affects the reproductive and urinary system of the body, then infected animals may develop endometriosis female cystitis, vaginitis, in male animals - urethritis, prostatitis. Joint disease entails the formation of damaged areas and the development of arthritis.

Mycoplasmosis vlochot infertility problems with bearing and birth of offspring, birth of weak kittens. So that when it detects your pet above symptoms immediately hand over analyzes for the presence of mycoplasma in the body.

treatment of the disease

Before embarking on the treatment of mycoplasma in cats is necessary to carry out a deep and thorough diagnosis.

After positive tests for the presence of mycoplasma in the body has not mean anything, because the animal could be their vehicle for a long time and show no signs of disease.

However, mycoplasma activation may occur during the course of another disease or severe stress. So inexperience some veterinarians treat animal by mycoplasma, whereas the cause of the illness is quite another infection or virus.

Once obtained a positive test for the presence of mycoplasma in the body is necessary to test for sensitivity to drugs used during treatment. To determine whether the animal parasites are present and whether they are active. In this case, a sick animal can be assigned to maintenance therapy, as well as drugs that protect the liver, which is severely affected as a result of reception of antibiotics and from mycoplasma activity.

the effectiveness of the treatment is often increased when receiving immunostimulatory immunopodderzhivayuschih and preparations, since the presence of the disease indicates a weakening of the immune system.

Do mycoplasmosis dangerous to humans

Some experts support the notion that mycoplasmosis may, if certain conditions are passed from pet to person. That is why you must carefully observe good personal hygiene during illness of your pet. Although there is the opposite view about what feline mycoplasma can not hit a person under any circumstances. By the way, in the body 75% of cats are considered healthy according to clinical characteristics, are mycoplasma, with the figure slightly lower among humans.

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