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Do I need to do to kittens vaccinated

At the beginning of life's journey kittens in need of increased attention and care about health. In the first year of life it is necessary to protect the baby from various diseases and to make every effort to develop their own animal immunity.

Following the acquisition of a small pet of his newly-born owner should ask themselves: what steps should be taken to maintain and enhance the health pet?

First and foremost, you need to carefully and slowly explore the kitten. To evaluate the presence of defects in the external structure of the animal, to pay particular attention to the spine, limbs, tail, Coats. Carefully inspect the head and all the external organs located on it. animal's eyes should be clear and bright, with no expiration. The ears should not have any visible damage, crusts. Nose and mouth should not be red and inflamed and there should be no sores.

It is worth to measure the body temperature of a kitten, it should be in the range of 38.0 to 39.0 degrees. These simple manipulations can help you satisfy itself that acquired the animal is clinically healthy.

 Terms vaccination

Vaccinations kittens in the first year of life are beginning to put not earlier than they reach the age of two or three months. The main prerequisite and vaccination is the health of the animal. In the kitten should have a good appetite, regular and high-quality chair, cheerful and active behavior. Pre week before the vaccination is necessary to carry out preventive procedures deworming. If the presence of parasites is detected, the animal is not healthy and ready to move vaccinations. In this case, vaccination is only possible after recovery of a kitten.

Vaccinations for Kittens

In order to give the desired result of vaccination and the required antibodies to develop in the right quantities, animal transporting the medical procedures should not be in a state of stress, reducing the effectiveness of the immune system.

vaccination scheme

Typically, vaccination scheme in the first year of life for the majority of animal products look the same. The first to reach the kitten the age of two or three months, made production of vaccines against diseases such as panleukopenia, feline calicivirus, rhinotracheitis, second production strictly through twenty-one - twenty-eight days of the same components, the third staging of reaching the age of one year, the same components with adding a drug against rabies.

Procedure vaccine formulation specialist must be carried out - veterinarian inspection after obligatory animal, temperature measuring and collecting certain data of a kitten (age, location and acquisition time, activity level, etc...).

After the drug has been introduced into the animal it is under the supervision of a physician for at least twenty minutes to avoid the appearance of signs of an allergic reaction to components of the formulation. Data on vaccination shall be entered as a doctor in veterinary passport kitten. The reaction of your pet vaccinated during the first day can be expressed as increased drowsiness and decreased activity, the following procedures after any changes in behavior should be observed.

Since active immunity generated by vaccination within ten days after the procedure, in this period, it is desirable to eliminate kitten contact with the external environment and do not expose the animal aqueous procedures.

Vaccinations adult animals are also held at least once a year. In this booster in such a case it is required.

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