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Care Basics kitten

Many people reshivshiesya for the first time to have a furry pet, often wonder how to take care of kittens? What rules must be followed and what are the requirements to perform a favorite growing up healthy and happy.

care Basics

Despite its size and age of the kitten is already quite independent animal that already knows and can do a lot. However, their owners, especially the first time, be required to make considerable efforts to create a favorable atmosphere in the house where the pet is settled.

Caring for a kitten for the first time involves ensuring the safety of your pet. You need to very closely monitor so that the kitten does not come out on the balcony or quietly slipped through the door is not completely closed on the street or in the entrance. If you frequently open the windows, you need to take care of a preventive safety measure - tighten the grid windows, better metal.

When moving a massive furniture (sofas, cabinets) must make sure that the kitten is not around, but better not lock it in another room. After all, these are small, researchers are able to penetrate into the most unexpected places. You just did not notice as a kitten hide in the move furniture, and the case could end in tragedy.

How to care for a kitten

Little kitten, like a little child, seeks to explore and discover its surroundings. So be careful with that all potentially hazardous interior and environment (household chemicals, sharp objects, plants) are out of reach of your pet. Make kitten habitat has been as safe as possible.

Generally, the better the first few days of the animal's stay in your home to limit his room for movement, equipping him a small zagonchik in a room and not let him out the first time. In such a space in kittens have to be bowl clean and fresh water (water must be replaced periodically), the tray is equipped with a place to sleep, the laid something soft and warm. Paul can be covered with oilcloth. Let the pet to get acquainted with this space, get used to his appearance and smell. If the animal has come into your home to carry the cat, it is not necessary to retrieve the kitten out on their own. Put portability in zagonchik and let her leave the pet alone.

Happens after that depends on the nature and characteristics of each individual animal. Some fun to carry and leave the rush to explore the space provided. Other first time will move cautiously and carefully, can even hide under the bed or closet for the day. In this case, do not touch the animal, give yourself time to recover and get over it. If you see that the pet is very frightened and doing its utmost to hide from the eyes in a safe place, it is best to put it in a box, covered with a piece of cloth or arrange a secluded place in another way.

How to care for a kitten

necessary procedures

In the event that your pet was to you from the nursery or from a private breeder, you expose it to water procedures special does not make sense. If you picked up a kitten in the street, then bathe it is necessary. For this type with a little bowl of warm water, put on a good pet shampoo and rinse it. Note that, not to get water in the ears or eyes. After water treatments wrap the animal in a towel. In no case do not dry his hairdryer, this is even more scare your pet. It is advisable to treat the animal remedy for fleas and show veterinarian. The specialist will advise you on the use of preventive vaccinations and anthelmintic agents.

Accustomed to the tray

 Remember that the first time pet may experience stress, anxiety, look for mom, bad there. This is not unusual. Try to surround kitten care and affection, play with it, offer some delicacy.

Once an animal gets used to the new environment and without fear begin to explore the entire space of the room then put him in a special tray with the filler. It is best to use a granular filler, as cats like it the most.

How to care for a kitten

It is possible that the kitten has already been trained to use the tray to the destination. If not, and the animal to cope with their physical needs in another is not a suitable location, then collect the result on a piece of paper and put it in the tray, so that it has acquired the relevant odor. Then give the kitten to smell excipient. This is usually enough.

If an animal goes to the toilet is not in the tray, and in some other particular place, then temporarily put the tray back. It is not necessary to scold the animal, shouting at him, poke his nose. This will lead to stress, which will only worsen the training. If the pet to defecate in quite the wrong place, then sprinkle it with vinegar, pungent smell will scare away the animal.

Once the pet is completely used to the same room and no longer feel fear, you open the door and give him the freedom to study the whole house, but do not touch it zagonchik, that he will continue to be an animal "safe haven". When a pet will examine the apartment and will get used to it space to move the tray in the toilet bowl and into the kitchen. Now the kitten became a member of the family.


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