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Why coughing cat

As the famous saying goes: a cat has nine lives. However, in practice it turns out that the pet's health is often compromised. Cats get sick pretty often. Perhaps it is a banal colds a cat , or maybe allergic to a variety of pathogens, and even seems to be quite human diseases: gastritis, diabetes, asthma. So if your cat is coughing is necessary to understand the cause of this symptom.

By analogy with the man many owners take the cat cough symptom of colds. Of course this is partly true, but it is often a cat is coughing for another reason.

hair ball

For each healthy cat is quite natural behavior is licking it's natural facials own woolen cloak. However, the wool will inevitably fall into the stomach, and accumulating there forms a lump consisting of a hair. Veterinarians call this hair ball formation.
This lump of wool irritates mucous and a cat coughing, trying to spew it out. This is quite normal. In this case, you can ease the life of your pet, giving it a special food or means for splitting hair. After that, the cough must pass.

coughing cat

throat injury

It happens that the animal by eating fish or playing with small objects can damage the throat. In this case, it caused by tickling cough, which occurs due to the healing of the injuries. After the injury heals coughing will stop by itself. A landlord must better ensure that the animal eats animal, excluding from it the food with bones.

Diseases caused by viral infections

Very often, young animals are picked up by the type of viral diseases rhinotracheitis and feline calicivirus. In this case, the cells begin to proliferate the virus at mucosal surfaces, causing her irritation, which subsequently causes coughing. Furthermore the animal can appear conjunctivitis and profuse salivation.
In the event that a cough progresses over several days, it is necessary to show the animal to the vet. Self-treatment is unlikely to bring results. However, it is best to prevent the occurrence of cough. This requires timely vaccinated animals.


If your cat does not pass the periodic degelmintizatsii procedure, it is very likely that the cough is caused by infection with parasites. The fact is that even the pet cat may be infected. Cases when parasite eggs get into the apartment on the master shoe and family members, and the cat accidentally swallows them. Worms migrating through the body, their presence may irritate the lining of the lungs and thereby cause coughing animal. Remember that antiparasitic treatment should be carried out three or four times a year.


This disease in cats, as well as the people manifested fever, general weakness, refusal of food and frequent dry cough.

Pneumonia is very dangerous because its development occurs very rapidly. In this case, visit the veterinary clinic to be held as soon as possible, or even probable death.


Today asthma in cats is not an uncommon phenomenon. In this case, the cough is shown a succession of attacks. The animal can suffocate. If your cat is coughing in this way, then it is necessary as soon as possible to provide adequate medical care. As soon as possible take your pet to the nearest veterinary clinic to experts accurately diagnose and prescribe effective treatment.

The owner should be understood that the cat coughs for many reasons. In order not to subject the animal to unnecessary risk should be as soon as possible to show it to a specialist, who will appoint the necessary tests. As soon as it becomes clear reason for the appearance of this symptom veterinarian can prescribe the effective treatment that is likely to help your pet to get rid of the disease.

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