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Why does a cat sneezes

Many pet owners often notice that their cat sneezes and rubs his nose with his paw. It is quite natural in the case of short-term and periodic manifestations. However, it happens that the process continues sneezing quite long and often repeated. Then the owner of the animal must ask: what is happening to him a favorite? Because the reason for this phenomenon can be concealed in the allergic response, or other catarrhal disease. So do not wait and risk the health of your pet, it is better to consult a veterinarian.

Causes sneezing cats

Natural cause sneezing - getting into the nasal passage of a foreign body such as dust particles.

But there are factors that can adversely affect the health of your pet:

• colds;
• infection;
• allergy;
• diseases of the oral cavity;
• polyps inside feline nose;
• malignant tumors of the nasal cavity.

cat sneezes

Sound the alarm only necessary in the event that if the cat sneezes all the time - it may indicate health problems, for example, the presence of viral respiratory diseases:

• parainfluenza;
• adenovirus;
• herpesvirus;

Just cats, like any other living creature, are subject to various allegories to pollen, dust, perfume, tobacco, household chemicals, and so on. D.
Very often, sneezing cats triggered diseases of the oral cavity, in the first place, a dental abscess. This reaction is shown if an abscess occurs in conjunction with the infection. In this symbiosis two pathogenic effects of irritating the upper respiratory tract. But the greatest threat to an animal is the possible development of malignant tumors of the nasal cavity. The symptomatology of this disease manifested in the appearance of blood impurities during sneezing. So if you see such a thing in your pet, immediately contact a veterinary clinic.
If the kitten sneezes, what to do tell the frequency and duration of the phenomenon. After all, small animals, especially not vaccinated, are very susceptible to various pathogenic influences that may superficially appear to sneeze. Often so generate undesirable reaction nasal polyps.

Is it possible to diagnose the disease on their own

To properly determine why a cat sneezes, you must carefully observe the pet. If the sneezing does not happen often, but when it is accompanied by mucus discharge from the nose, redness and swollen eyes, difficulty breathing, then with high probability we can assume the presence of allergy.

cat sneezes
However, it happens that the above symptoms occur with some features. If a cat sneezes mucus is released, there is a fever, swollen glands, it is possible to suggest an infectious disease of the upper respiratory tract.
If there are animal pathologies of the oral cavity, then this indicates odor.

Much of the causes sneezing can tell the color and consistency of the mucus secreted. Transparent mucus says about allergies, but if it is thick and has a green or gray hue, the possibility of infection or disease-causing fungus.


In order to effectively deal with sneezing cat, you must first find out the cause of this phenomenon. If the pet is thus exhibits an allergic reaction, an allergen must be excluded from all areas of possible contact. If the cause of sneezing is an infectious disease, to support the animal in acute infection period is possible by means of specialized products.
However, the best way to avoid such a disease state, is a series of preventive vaccination against feline diseases such as:

• feline flu;
• feline panleukopenia;
• feline leukemia;
• Rabies.

If your animal vaccinated by age, the danger from the above diseases are present. However, if the pet is still ill for any reason, you will have to do everything possible to ease her condition and support the body in fighting disease. The first thing to strictly comply with all regulations vet, clean the animal secretions, when pet health deterioration immediately go to the clinic.

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