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Why hair falls in domestic cats

The main causes of hair loss

Experts believe that the periodic shedding of hair for animals with wool cover quite a normal, provided the nature of the phenomenon. This fact does not tell about the presence of any disease. Pet owners during seasonal moulting should be carefully vychosyvat animal and more wet cleaning in the room, then this phenomenon will not cause too much trouble.

seasonal shedding

This phenomenon happens with the animal body, as a rule, twice a year: in spring and autumn. It is not associated with any illness, a lack of vitamins or minerals. Same way there is a necessary update the coat.

However, if seasonal molt continues for a long period of time (over two months), it is reason to think about pet health, since such a lengthy molt organism signal of the existing failure in its operation.

In this case it is necessary to analyze the cat's diet on the presence in it a sufficient amount of essential vitamins and minerals, the frequency and amount of food intake, the general conditions of the pet habitat.

The cat falls wool

For example, high or low humidity levels may well be the cause of excessive hair loss in cats. Also high humidity can cause the appearance of mold on the coat of your pet. Thus, if you see that the duration of shedding significantly increased, and the hair falls out in some places locally, immediately contact a professional for advice on the establishment of the exact causes of this phenomenon and possible treatment options. After all, if time does not take the necessary measures, the animal may be completely bald.

hormonal disorders

Often the loss of the coat your pet may be due to hormonal disturbances. The symptoms of such disorders in the body is to change the behavior of the animal, it becomes sluggish, sleepy, cat not eating, do not seem interested in their favorite things, indicators of sight and smell deteriorate. Also observed loss klochkoobraznoe the coat. When it is in the field of local hair loss may appear small wounds and sores that animal, because of hormonal disorders do not even try to lick.


Often, after an animal has suffered serious illness or during its course, possible hair loss. This can be explained by the fact that all the forces of the body aimed at combating illness or recovering from illness.

The cat falls wool

As a rule, loss of the coat in this situation is temporary and with proper care for the animals quickly terminated. At that time, experts insist on adjustments to the animal's diet, it is desirable to exclude from it all harmful products, including cheap dry and canned food, replacing them with a comprehensive healthy, easily digestible diet. It is useful to introduce a cat vitamin complex, designated veterinarian, because only an expert, to identify many factors that can pick up that medication that will help, not hurt your pet.

skin parasites

Sometimes excessive hair loss can be explained by the appearance on the cat's body of specific parasites (lice and lice). Usually this type of insects choose their place of existence of the birds body, however, your pet may become their victim. To diagnose their presence should contact the veterinary clinic for necessary manipulation and selection of drugs for the treatment.


Often it is an allergic reaction causes hair loss in your pet. It can manifest itself for feeding, care products, pharmaceuticals or taken vitamin complexes. Thus, it is necessary to try to avoid contact with the alleged cat allergen and thoroughly fix the impairment of the animal, in particular, to determine decreased or, conversely, the number of drop-down wool.

The cat falls wool

hair loss treatment in cats

First of all assemble the little fallen wool and hand it to a veterinary click on the analysis. Because if hair loss does not occur during seasonal moulting must immediately as accurately as possible to determine the cause of this phenomenon. That laboratory phenomenon will allow experts to establish as accurately as possible why is the destruction of hair follicles and as a result of their loss. Depending on the established diagnosis specialist will be able to choose for your pet the necessary treatment, just keeping you soon get rid of this unpleasant for both the cat and for the phenomenon of host.

Hair loss is not a reason for separation

Remember that excessive hair loss is not some overly dangerous disease is not curable, and even more so not dangerous to humans. In no case do not get rid of pets because of this phenomenon.

Hair loss, with due attention to your pet, well diagnosed and treated. Be responsible and do not forget that we are responsible for those who tamed.

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