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Why do cats exfoliate nails

In order to effectively deal with the bundle of the cat's claws, you must understand the reason why this is happening.

First of all you must understand that when your cat's nails exfoliate, it is most likely a normal natural phenomenon and it is not necessary to raise a panic about this.

However, there are cases where this phenomenon could indicate health problems.

The growth of the claws

It is known that all domestic cats have the ability to retract the claws. So when the cat's claws are particles of dead surfaces, pet begins to feel discomfort when retracting claws. Just for this reason that a pet may begin to sharpen claws on your favorite sofa, if you do not take care to organize it a special place for this process.
Also, by this action cats mark their territory, since their paws, claws are in the area of the prostate that produce odorous substance, which is not accessible to the human sense of smell, but remarkably captured noses of other cats.

A cat's claws exfoliate

Why cats claws

It often happens that a cat lying on the master's knee, begins to stagnate and produce claws. To some people it causes discomfort, and they rush to cut them. However, this can not be done. Just such a mountain hosts did not ask himself the question about the causes of such behavior of the animal.
If they bother to find the answer, you would know that this phenomenon is called milk step. This habit remains in cats from early childhood, when they were fed breast milk and to accelerate its current massaging her mother's tummy in the nipple. So that such a phenomenon is under an animal's intention to express the warmest feelings and affection. It is not necessary to scold your pet for such a desire, it is better to purchase a silicone tips to claws and a massage will bring you unparalleled pleasure.

The main reasons for separation

There are several reasons why a cat's claws exfoliate:
• The nails are easy to grow. This is normal and natural in the clutches when the growth occurs dying of old horny layer and placing the claw body provided with scaly shell that separates the passage of time and the bundle occurs. To regulate the process of life is enough to use a special cat scratching post.
• Improper grooming claws. It happens that the claws start to exfoliate immediately after mowing. It is caused by improperly conducted by the procedure, which caused a strong claw injury. Probably blunt tool for cutting was used.
• Lack of the body corresponding to pet vitamins. This is a fairly common cause, for the bones, claws and a woolen cover the animal in the first place to respond to the lack of necessary substances for their proper growth.

A cat's claws exfoliate

In this case, if the first reason does not require special concern, the latter can be corrected changing the hairstyle of claws techniques or replacement, the latter reason requires more careful attention.

How to fight it

• Purchase a scratching post. This device can easily help the animal get rid of horny, and, besides, save your furniture intact.
• Mow claws correctly. If you have this procedure causes difficulty, you should see a specialist. He will explain and show how to cut nails. The main thing in this case - only to cut off the tip of the claw, otherwise you can damage the blood vessels and cause the animal pain.
If, after the acquisition of scratching posts and the right haircut claws continue to exfoliate, so the case in the lack of vitamins and minerals. Today in veterinary shops offer a very wide range of these products. However, do not run after them without first consulting your veterinarian. You may have to analyze the diet of your pet and enter into it the missing products, or still have to give a cat vitamiino-mineral complex.
In any case, the specialist will tell how to act in the situation.

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