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Deksafort drug for cats

Like other pets, cats are not immune to the disease. In such cases often have to resort to help of medications. If you have any cats in the body of any inflammation, veterinarians often prescribe a medicine to treat this as a Deksafort.

It is used not only for cats, but also for a lot of other animals. It is available as a suspension for injection white color in a stoppered glass vials. Deksafort for cats - one of the most effective drugs for animals, and this has earned its popularity.


Deksafort for cats is made on the basis of a hormone that is produced by the adrenal glands. Thanks to him, the body is able to fight with the cat inflammation, swelling, and causes a calming effect.

Deksafort for cats has the maximum effect of the fast due contained fenilpropiata which a minute absorbed into the blood and then gradually exits the body via the urine and feces. For the full treatment should once enter the drug intramuscularly or subcutaneously. Prior to use, you need to shake the bottle, since the suspension has a feature to delaminate. Upon opening a pack remains fresh for about 8 weeks.

Deksafort for cats

In accordance with the instruction, the dosage for cats may be from 0.25 to 0.5 ml. In some cases it is necessary to use the medicine again. This can only be done one week after the first injection. When treating any complex vospaleny drug should be used in conjunction with broad spectrum antibiotics.

Deksafort for cats is assigned in the case of allergies, eczema, dermatitis, inflammation of the mammary glands. It is used for diseases of the joints, edema caused by trauma, asthma and various types of arthritis.

Despite the long list of diseases that Deksafort able to eliminate it, like all drugs, have side effects of their own. One of the most common reactions - increased formation of urine, which causes the animal to go often to the toilet. May be present thirst and hunger. With frequent use of the drug, in pet may appear Cushing's syndrome, it can start to go bald, lose weight, feel sleepy and tired.


Contraindications for use include pregnant cats, especially the first few weeks, diabetes, heart and kidney failure, damage to the gastrointestinal tract, fungal, viral diseases.

It is forbidden to use Deksaforta cat before or after vaccination, nursing cats. There are a number of analogues that can be used if you find that your pet intolerance to one or another substance included in the Deksaforta: Vetom, Kolimitsin, Vibragen Omega.

Store the drug must at 15-25 degrees, in a dark, dry place. Deksaforta- shelf life of 5 years. The medicine produced in the Netherlands. Deksafort can buy at a price of 600-800 rubles per pack.

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