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Ringer - medication for cats

Ringer's solution is a very popular drug that is used, if necessary, to correct electrolyte balance of the body of the cat. This medicine stops during intoxication and replenishes the fluid level.
Basically Ringer solution for cats is used in various shock conditions, collapse, acute poisoning, peritonitis occurring intestinal infections, intestinal obstruction, burns and other disease states of the body, which are characterized by a large loss of liquid.

Release form and composition

Ringer's solution for cats is available in glass vials, volume two hundred and four hundred milliliters, and soft packs for medicine droppers, volume five hundred milliliters.
The preparation includes calcium chloride, sodium, potassium - basic acting substance. Hydrochloric acid, sodium hydroxide, water - excipients. Also, ringer solution contains a certain amount of potassium ions, sodium, calcium and chlorine.


In accordance with the instruction of the drug is able to stop for intoxication, restore water and electrolyte balance in the case of shock or profuse loss of blood.

Apart from this solution ringer able to fill the volume of blood circulating through the body.

However, for the reason that the drug rather quickly falls into a space outside the blood vessels, the effect of replenishment of blood volume is extremely short, and lasts no more than forty minutes. Because the blood volume is increased and its structure becomes more liquefied there is a significant reduction in the concentration of toxic and poisoning substances, which contributes to the cessation of intoxication.

Ringer's solution for cats


Ringer's solution is used for cats in situations requiring emergency aid. It may be required in the preparation temperature injury, various shock conditions, when shock impact, presence of intestinal obstruction, peritonitis. Also, the drug successfully used in cases of acute poisoning, intestinal infections and other cases.


In accordance with the instruction preparation should not be used in the brain edema, edema of the lung, acidosis, kidney and heart failure, and are hypersensitive to its components. Also, the drug can not be given to pregnant cats, as well as animal feed offspring.

Mode of application

The drug is administered subcutaneously or intravenously, subcutaneously drug must be administered in different places. At the same dose, the period of administration shall determine the veterinary specialist, based on the weight of the animal and the clinical picture of the disease.

Side effects

If the drug is administered at the recommended doses, it is usually no complications.

However, if applied too much of the drug, it can lead to the development of chloride acidosis or gipergidratsii.

In this case, application of the solution is terminated, or it is necessary to reduce the dose. It should be noted that the Ringer's solution can be used in combination with other drugs.

Storage conditions

Store ringer solution should be in their original packaging. The place where the drug should be kept clean and dry. should avoid direct sunlight for a medicine. The storage temperature may vary from zero to twenty five degrees Celsius. Pass the drug for two years from date of manufacture.

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