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Change teeth kitten

Cats, like most mammals living on our planet, are born into the world completely toothless. The first incisors in newborn kittens appear after the first two weeks of life. Upon reaching the age of eleven weeks, the kids have a whole set of milk teeth.

 replacement of teeth

Many owners of furry pets are wondering when the kittens are changing teeth? Generally, the teeth of cats are changing during the first five months of life. The first change incisors, canines after them, and completes the process change molars and premolars. Toddlers There are twenty-six milk teeth appearing for four weeks. Canines are changing for four weeks, and premolars change process can take up to eight weeks. Usually teeth change from milk to those who are in the cat until the end of her life begins in four months.

Indigenous or permanent teeth in cats is usually more than milk. Thirty to twenty-six, respectively. The upper and lower jaw bears the six incisors and two canines each. At the top are four jaw molars. The lower jaw has three such teeth. Considered a normal situation, when a young animal to seven months of life there was a complete change of milk teeth for permanent.

When the kittens are changing teeth


It is important to know that this period requires especially careful attitude to the diet of your pet. The cat should receive as necessary to it during this period the nutrients, vitamins and minerals. It is from the outset to make her teeth strong and healthy.

 As the teething process affects the animal

Teething process can not be called pleasant. Therefore, the animal can chew on almost all its surrounding objects in order to relieve the itching and facilitate the appearance of teeth. This is normal and inevitable. So if you are afraid for the state of any of the items, it is better to restrict the animal access to them. Also in specialized pet stores you can buy special teethers. They are made of suitable materials, and some even have a cooling function of the gums. It is very important to follow the content of calcium, phosphorus, and essential minerals in the food consumed pets during this period.

It so happens that some of the kittens refuse to eat food during the emergence of new teeth. Do not worry - this is quite normal. Try it in this case to use a special lure.

Remember that if at that time the kitten will chew on your hands, or severely scratched, such a pattern of behavior can remain for a lifetime. So neither let the animal behave like that. If on-site fallen baby tooth injury occurred or appeared purulent discharge, the urgent need to get to the doctor vet for advice. Examine your pet vet may well decide to remove some of their teeth by pulling or loosening. This occurs only in those cases where no other solution is available. In this case, the manipulation is performed by experienced and qualified personnel.

The process of change of teeth is very important and crucial period in the life of a kitten. Make every effort to ensure that it protok normal and without complications. Do not scold the animal eared for things, but better buy him a teether. Do not forget to follow the diet of animals was introduced into the vitamins, mineral supplements, or use a special feed.

Healthy and strong teeth are very important. This is a guarantee of good health, good nutrition and good mood, which pet is sure to share with you.

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