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Whether it is necessary to clean the kitten's ears

Currently, there is no consensus on the issue among pet owners and veterinarians: whether to continuously clean the ears domestic cat?

Some experts agree that a cat's ears should be cleaned regularly, as this directly affects the health and wellbeing of your pet.

There is also the opposite of the view taken by many veterinarians and cat lovers. This group believes that the constant clean cat ears harms the health of the animal, as a result, it disrupts the natural microflora of this important body, which in turn leads to various infections and diseases.
Each side cites numerous reasons supporting a supported point of view. Disputes in this regard can continue indefinitely. However, all the experts, and the owners of domestic cats agree that there are situations in which the ear cleaning is a must. For example, if your pet is a constant participant of exhibitions.
In any case, even if the cat is just living in the home and is not involved in any activities - daily inspection of the animal should be regular and constant. In this case, you will be able to quickly identify any changes and to react to them.81446-1920x1200

 The reasons for deciding to clean the kitten's ears

One of the reasons that you need to know how to clean the ears of the kitten - it is the ear mite.
To effectively counter this parasite is necessary every day to clean the dirt from the ears, which is formed as a result of vital activity of these insects. If you do not carry out this procedure, you risk to make your pet severe irritation or allergic reaction. The kitten begins to shake his head and scratch their ears heavily, it is the behavior of the animal can cause bleeding wounds. If you notice the signs described in your pet, you should immediately make an appointment with your veterinarian.
Ear mites are very simply penetrates the ear, but to expel the parasite will not be so easy. If time does not take appropriate action, the infection caused by mites can lead to deafness animal. So if you are gnawing suspicions about the existence of a kitten from ear mites, it is better to play it safe pet health - make an appointment with the vet.
Also, another reason for the regular cleaning of the ears is a disease otitis. This is quite a dangerous pathology, the treatment of which requires no less serious approach.

How to clean the kitten's ears

Many kittens and adult cats do not like when they hold on the hands by force. Especially if they are at the same time penetrate the ears. So it is best if you start to train a kitten to this hygienic procedure since childhood, when reaching adulthood, the animal is relaxed about this manipulation.
It is known that many animals love is in the hands of their masters and take a variety of petting and stroking. This can be used. Choose a time when the pet itself take the initiative and you will jump into his arms. Stroke it, play, will be scratched behind the ear. After a lull the animal quickly clean his ears. Enter it into a habit and your pet will no longer show aggression and irritation. Also, after a successful procedure is not superfluous to encourage pet treat.

How to clean the kitten's ears
Some breeds of cats are by nature big ears. Such a body will be filled with dirt much faster and at the same time look very untidy. Such a feature peculiar to the representatives of the eastern species, Rex and Abyssinia. But worst of all is the case in the Sphynx, as their ears are not protected by hair, they accumulate dirt in the blink of an eye.
If you clean your ears unprepared animal, it is best to mow before the procedure pet claws, so you can avoid unwanted scratches. If the pet is in any did not want to accept this hygienic procedures, it is possible to resort to an effective, but not very pleasant method. Take a tea towel and Wrap the cat's head so that his ears were visible. The main thing is not wrapped into a cat as a whole, it will be for her added stress.

In order to effectively examine the ears, take a flashlight and shine by removing the ear into the ear canal. If the surface is clean, uniform color, without stains and dirt, the cleaning is required. Also note that some cat breeds self-clean their ears. In their case, the forced cleaning may be needed very rarely.

How to clean the ears

To clean the ears, you'll need an ordinary cotton pad soaked in a special facility, acquired in veterinary pharmacy. Do not use human lotions and ointments, as it is unknown how they will react to the animal.
In order to get inside the ear, use cotton buds. Do this very carefully and gradually, thus observe the reaction of the cat if it will show you that feels pain, stop cleaning immediately. Also during the procedure rigidly fix the animal's head to it as a result of sudden movements did not cause yourself damage.

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