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Stronghold - a drug for cats

Virtually every pet owner familiar with the problem of infection with various parasites of their favorites. A walk in the woods or the park, contact with other animals, including the homeless, on the streets can cause unwanted guests in the body of your pet.

However, pharmaceutical science does not stand still, and developing increasingly sophisticated products designed for pest control. One such innovative drugs antiparasitic drug Stronghold is based on the active substance selamectin.


Stronghold assigned cats for removing fleas and prevent their recurrence in the body of the animal for 30 days after treatment. For the treatment of flea allergic dermatitis. And also for the treatment and prevention sarcoptic mange, otodektoza, heartworm, hookworm for worming and at toxocarosis.

  Dosage and application

Stronghold for Cats used only externally. The substance is applied to dry skin at the shoulder area of ??the animal.

For this it is necessary to push the cover wool between the blades in the region of the base of the neck and completely poured preparation of a pipette. Care should be taken that the solution did not get to exposed human skin, animal processing. Also, do not rub the medication into the skin of an animal, or massage the place of application. Stronghold is usually given once daily, given the weight of the cat. In order to eliminate fleas, and prevent their re-emergence of the drug is applied once every thirty days, during flea activity. Stronghold adult kill after the first day after application. Parasite eggs are also destroyed, which is guaranteed to interrupt the cyclical development of insects.

Stronghold for Cats

For the treatment of ear mites and ear scabies must be a single application of funds. It is recommended to clean the auditory canal by scabbing and exudate. If the disease is complicated by inflammatory processes (otitis), that further designate reception antiinflammatory and antimicrobial drugs. If you need to repeat the treatment, then it can be done not earlier than thirty days after the first application.

For the treatment of hookworm and tokoskaroza must be a single application of the drug for prevention - enough application once a month.

To prevent infection of your pet heartworm medication is used once in thirty days during the seasonal spread of disease vectors - mosquitoes. Stronghold its exposure destroys the microfilariae, not allowing them to develop into adult nematodes. Veterinarians are advised to undergo prophylactic course, if you and your pet will stay in an area with common heartworm.

  pharmacological properties

Selamectin - active substance Stronghold, boasts an extensive range of effects on various feline parasites. Effectively destroys the larvae of round worms. Selamectin blocks muscle and the electrical activity of body cells parasites by increasing insight of these cells with respect to the chlorine ions. Described exposure leads to paralysis and death of parasites. The active substance remains in the blood at the desired concentration for a long time. This prevents re-infestation of your pet for at least thirty days.

The drug is resistant to moisture, dries quickly, it does not have an unpleasant odor. So that the owner will be able to play and interact with your pet immediately after the absorption of the drug.

Efficacy of the drug does not fall even when subjected to aqueous pet procedures after two hours after treatment. Stronghold is absolutely safe for kittens aged six weeks, even if it is admitted tenfold overdose. When testing the processing of eighteen breeds of cats have passed the drug.


Contraindications to the use can be considered as an increased sensitivity of your pet to the substances contained in the preparation. It is forbidden to use the drug against kittens, aged less than six weeks, patients with infectious diseases of cats. Stronghold can not be administered by injection or orally.

  special instructions

During the processing of animal Stronghold can not eat, drink or smoke. After all the manipulations necessary to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. If the drug was on the mucous membranes, it must be promptly wash with getting a place with plenty of water. Try to protect the animal from contact with all family members, especially young children, during the first two hours after application. After this time, the cat can be washed, it will not affect the effective action of the drug.

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