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The body temperature of cats

The presence of a normal body temperature in furry pet does not guarantee that there are no health problems. But if it detects its change, it can be concluded that in the cat's body processes are associated with the development of a disease. It is in order to determine the moment in time to the occurrence of danger to the health of the animal, each owner must be aware of the normal body temperature of your pet.

The body temperature of a healthy cat

Organism furry pets, as well as other animal organisms on our planet, it has a normal body temperature at which all the vital processes take place in a normal mode. For the maintenance of optimal body temperature level corresponds to a properly functioning nervous system and organs such as the pituitary, hypothalamus, as well as other factors unknown to science.

Normal body temperature is a cat, which is considered normal, is between thirty-seven and a half to thirty-nine degrees. In this case, each individual animal, this figure will be different. For some it is a thirty-eight degrees, for someone and thirty-nine.

That is why every owner of a domestic cat must know the figure for your pet.

Ignorance of the normal body temperature of your pet can have negative consequences. For example, a veterinary expert in the survey may decide that the cat is sick with fever, but in fact it is not unusual for the animal. Or, on the contrary, thinks that the temperature is normal and does not take action, and it will be increased for a particular cat.

The temperature in cats

Entertaining is the fact that the body temperature of Breed, deprived of the coat (Sphinx), is not significantly different from the body temperature of their furry cousins.

We must remember that the normal temperature of your pet can vary during the day, but not more than half a degree. Usually in the morning it is lower, and in the evening slightly increased. Also varies the temperature at rest and activity. In the second case, it is usually a little higher, and this is the norm.

Body temperature kittens

The body of a small kitten actively grows and develops, it learns to respond to changing external factors. The temperature of the body system is the same as a but more configurable. That is why the average temperature of a small pet body is usually higher than that of an adult animal and is equal to thirty-nine or thirty-nine and a half degrees, but can also vary. The body is protected from hypothermia and often provides resistance to external factors. Constant temperature will reach the age of two - three months.

High and low temperature

Typically the animal's body temperature rise to a value of thirty-nine and a half degrees and above signals a pathogenic states (infection, virus), or on the course of the inflammatory process. Self temperature increase process is a unique natural phenomenon. As soon as one of the cells attacked by the enemy, it signals this and she Rescue interferons and other endogenous pyrogens. They begin to fight and try to destroy pathogens. In this case, pyrogenic signal the hypothalamus that the body supposedly supercooled and body temperature rises. After prirogeny prevent danger signal in the hypothalamus of normalcy and the body temperature drops back to normal. Thus there is vasodilatation present on the skin, excess heat therethrough and leaves the body temperature drops.

It is important to remember that when you commit an elevated body temperature of your pet should immediately contact the experts of veterinary medicine. It is better to refrain from self-treatment, and in no case do not let the human animal drugs (antipyretic, diuretic).

If the body temperature indicator reached an extreme index and exceeded forty and a half degrees, in this case, wrap the animal in a damp towel, and immediately go to the nearest veterinary clinic.

The temperature in cats

But do not forget that the reduced body temperature, thirty-seven degrees and below, may also signal the danger (hypothermia, blood loss, kidney disease, heart, nervous system and endocrine problems). In this case also need to consult a specialist. And if the cat's body temperature continues to decline, then wrap the pet in a warm blanket with a heater, and immediately go to the doctor.

How to measure the body temperature of a cat

The process of measuring the cat's body temperature is rectally, in the following order:

  1. Lubricate the thermometer tip (mercury or electronic) petroleum jelly;
  2. Gently insert it into the anus to a depth of one centimeter;
  3. Wait for determining the temperature (electronic thermometer will signal you about it, and the mercury will have to keep at least five minutes);
  4. Gently remove the thermometer from the animal's body and clean it with cotton wool soaked in rubbing alcohol.

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