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skin disease in domestic cats

Leather - a very important protective organ that protects the muscles and various internal organs from damage. it is also an obstacle for the millions of harmful bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms that can cause substantial damage to animal health. It is for these reasons, skin diseases in cats should call serious attention to their hosts. The skin is an important thermoregulation and body cleansing in the body of the animal. If suddenly you have noticed your pet any, even minor at first glance, skin rashes or damaged covers, sores or lesions - immediately contact a specialist.

Do not engage in self - after taking medication, or treatment of wounds wrong drugs not only helps in the treatment, but also worsen the subsequent observation and diagnosis by a specialist.

After all, the timely provision of medical care will help to prevent disease, save you money and hassle. Certain skin diseases cats similar symptomatic and external characteristics, which greatly complicates the task of installing the correct diagnosis even experienced. It should be remembered that the skin disease in cats - a phenomenon quite common and is often found as at home and in the street cats.

The most common skin diseases cats

When the fungal or bacterial dermatitis animal skin becomes red, inflamed and covered borozdochkami. You may experience peeling, itching, discomfort, especially at night. It may seem that the cat flea - the animal can be very itchy, as the legs and on the surface of the floor and walls, gnawing the skin and become restless. Around the outbreak of the disease often flat area, hair falls out, creating bald spots with an inflamed center. When such disease need comprehensive treatment, supporting and stimulating the immune system and destroying fungus.

Skin diseases in cats
Flea dermatitis occurs as a result of allergies to fleas, and their secretory selection. After being bitten by fleas a few minutes to pet the skin appears red, severely itchy spot. Some cats rash is almost imperceptible, some with extremely sensitive skin - can cover the entire body, causing unbearable itching. In such cases, prescribe treatment for fleas, antihistamines complexes.
Allergic dermatosis occurs, usually as a result of an allergy to a substance contained in food animals consumed. In most cases, the allergen is not immediately, but after a certain accumulation in the body. At first, the cat shows no signs of disease, may be a little scratched the skin, but when there is a rash that itches and itches. In some cases there is swelling of the larynx, the mucosa, paws. In such cases, we must not tarry, and an urgent need to go to the vet. Desirably full inspection, with the delivery of blood to allergens - to detect stimuli and subsequent exclusion of products containing allergens from pet diet. Ekzekanom and prescribe a diet with the rejection of products containing allergen.
Seborrhea - a disease that occurs when the sebaceous glands hypersecretion. It looks like dandruff, but with a more pronounced scales and bad smelling tubercles all over the body. Treatment of this disease is a skin cleansing, exclusion from the diet of certain products, the removal of excess fat from the coat.
Osteofollikulit - this disease is an inflammatory process accompanied by purulent secretions and flowing in the sebaceous glands and ducts. Too many skin diseases in cats can cause this disease. Physiologically, it looks like this: greasy flow exiting the respective gland becomes blocked, there is an accumulation of pus inside, the outside of the koi in this place there is a small abscess, which over time independently opened and dries. Remember that it is not recommended to open the abscess yourself. Osteofollikulita Treatment begins after experts found the cause.
Folliculitis - a disease characterized by the appearance of many small pustules on the entire surface of the skin. The causative bacteria are Staphylococcus and Streptococcus, which are entering the microscopic damage cause inflammation. If time does not provide medical assistance, on-site abscess formed a boil the size of a pea. Treatment involves receiving a course of antibiotics, changes in diet, imunniteta stimulation, treatment of wounds.
Carbunculosis - inflammation of the sebaceous glands and hair roots, accompanied by purulent discharge. Characterized by the fact that the site of the lesion occurs the process of tissue necrosis. If time does not take action, these ulcers can lead to the death of a pet.
Pyoderma - an infectious disease that causes a variety of bacteria. Characterized by the formation of skin seals in red. As time passes in their place there is an abscess, which is opened and dries. Treated with a course of antibiotics, diet and treatment of affected areas of the skin.
Eczema - chronic inflammation, which appears due to a variety of reasons. It is often seasonal. External signs abound: peeling, hair loss, itch, rash.
Skin cancer - this dangerous disease is characterized by a mutation in the cells of the skin and leads to the appearance of tumors.

In any case, no matter what symptoms you have not found your first step should be a visit to a specialized veterinary clinic. Do not engage in self-treatment, it can lead to poor condition of the animal.

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