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Articles about cats

Blue-eyed cat breeds

Content1 The dominance of white color2 Siamese3 Albinism4 White Spot5 Ojos Azules6 Breed cats with blue eyes Green and yellow - the most common eye color in cats. Much rarer blue-eyed cat, because they are highly valued among breeders. How do I find genetics, a gene that is responsible for the…

Articles about cats

What to drink cat

Content1  The material of the troughs made for cats2  depth3  Form drinkers4  Drinking bowls for small kittens5  Automatic waterers Water is one of the most important elements necessary for the normal existence of almost any living creature on this planet. Cats here…

Articles about cats

Like a cat with a dog?

Content1 feud2 Do dogs get along with cats?3 Introduction4 How to make friends dog and cat The war between the domestic animals - common stereotype. It is possible to achieve a truce, but it's not easy. How do you know whether to get involved in a relationship or is it just hurt? What makes pets…

Articles about cats

Cats see the world

Content1   Unusual pupils2   mysterious flicker3  Focus4   differ colors5  Vision and aspects of behavior Feline look like a bottomless pit, full of great mystery and wisdom passed through the millennium. They are like two gems, from which it is…

Articles about cats

As trimming a cat's claws

When the content of pet owners should not only bestow your pet with love and affection, but also pay attention to the proper care of him. Every owner should know what cats claws cut and how to do it. Animals themselves can not perform this procedure or by nibble claws, either by sewing a…

Articles about cats

How to wean cat scratching and biting

Content1 Kitten bites during play and fondling2 pain and fear3 aggression Forwarding4 Other reasons causing the cat aggression The appearance of a cat in the house - always a joy! But even the purchase of a cute kitten can be overshadowed by the fact that your pet may begin to bite and scratch,…