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Articles about cats

How to mow cat

Before doing his favorite pet haircut determined to achieve any goal you carry out this procedure. If the purpose is purely aesthetic, then your cat will approach one of the model haircuts, if you pursue the goal associated with the pet's health, in this case your choice will fall on the so-called…

Articles about cats

How to calm the raging cat

Content1 What you need to know to calm the cat2 Night Activity3 Activity in the road4 kitten for the first time in the house Every owner of a furry pet knows firsthand how this wayward animal that loves to show his character. And sometimes these shows are so active that the owner starts to think…

Articles about cats

How to choose a name for your cat

Choosing a name for a pet - it is responsible and easy. As is known, the choice of name for a person influences his character, fate and behavior. No less significant name for your pet. What are the names of the cats the most suitable for your pet? This was our article. What to look for when…

Articles about cats

How to choose a canned food for cats

Currently, many owners of furry pets chosen as the base material for their food - canned food for cats. This is primarily due to the fact that the product manufacturers are constantly improving the technology by which manufactured canned. The content of nutrients, vitamins and trace elements closer…

Articles about cats

How to choose a feeding trough for cats

Content1 feeders Size2 Form bowls3 Materials4 The most modern accessory Today, showcases pet stores are filled with a huge assortment of cat dishes to suit all tastes. Plastic, metal, ceramics, as well as new-fangled automatic feeder for cats. There is something to see, but how to make the right…

Articles about cats

How to choose the carrier for cats

Content1  Types perenosok2  Bag3  Frame Bag4  Backpack carrying5  Plastic box6  Carrying on wheels7  Wicker basket8  Cage Carrying the cat is a specially designed bag, basket, plastic container or bag, designed for easy carrying of the animal. Pet,…